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COVID Deployment Precautions

CAVMRC COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The California Veterinary Medical Reserve Corps (CAVMRC) will continue to deploy to disasters at the request of state government officials during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following protocols will be observed in an effort to limit exposure to and spread of coronavirus. Do not deploy if:


  • You are ill, have COVID-like symptoms, or are confirmed positive for coronavirus, please respond “No” to availability requests.
  • You become ill between the time that you are scheduled to deploy and the actual deployment date, please do not deploy. Contact the CAVMRC as soon as reasonably possible to provide notification that you will not deploy.
  • You have been exposed to anyone ill with symptoms of coronavirus or confirmed to have coronavirus, please do not deploy.
  • You are at an increased risk of becoming ill from coronavirus, for instance, are immunocompromised, have heart or lung problems, diabetes, or are elderly, please do not deploy.

In the event that you deploy:

CAVMRC coordinators will be asking if you are experiencing any COVID symptoms and taking temperatures at morning check-in with an infrared thermometer. If you are ill or have a fever of over 100.4F, you will be asked to go home.


  • Please bring and wear a mask. If you do not have a mask, the CAVMRC will try to provide a mask for you, but this cannot be guaranteed due to limited supplies.
  • Attempt to adhere to social distancing parameters as much as possible. (This may not be feasible in all situations.)
  • Wear nitrile disposable gloves when working. Gloves will be provided.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently when not wearing gloves.


Conditions will not be ideal. We will attempt to maintain social distancing when dealing with the public as much as possible. Inevitably, there will be issues that will come up that we have not considered. We will work with government officials during the deployment to address issues as they arise.

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