Bylaws & Constitution

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Bylaws – Article I – Membership


Section 1. Types of Membership

Section 2. Qualifications for Voting Membership

A. Active Membership

B. Public Service Membership

C. Faculty Membership

D. Residency Membership

E. Recent Graduate Membership

F. Retired Membership

G. Life Membership

H. Distinguished Life Membership

Section 3. Qualifications for Non-Voting Membership

A. Honorary Membership

B. Non-Resident Membership

C. Hospital Staff Membership

D. Registered Veterinary Technician Membership

E. Certified Veterinary Assistant Membership

F. Veterinary Medical/RVT/CVA Student Membership

G. Foreign Exchange Student Temporary Membership

H. Leave of Absence Membership

Section 4. Procedure for Admission to Active Membership

Section 5. Standard Qualifications

Section 6. Termination of Membership

Section 7. Membership Reinstatement

Section 8. Membership and Rights Thereof Not Transferable

Section 9. Non-Membership Categories