Veterinary Students

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Student Events

As a student member of the CVMA, you have the opportunity to participate in many events throughout the year.

CVMA’s Annual Legislative Day

CVMA is the veterinary profession’s voice at the California Capitol. Every year, CVMA governors, practicing veterinarians and veterinary staff, and veterinary students come together in Sacramento to lobby for relevant bills. In addition to a complementary hotel stay, dinner, and breakfast, Legislative Day (or “Leg Day” as it’s colloquially known), provides a unique opportunity to speak to lawmakers at the Capitol, as well as network with renowned colleagues in the field. Your school’s CVMA delegates will pass on information about Legislative Day in the months leading up to the event.

Bandaging Labs

CVMA hosts an annual bandaging lab for students where they get to learn how to bandage their own personal pets. It’s a great opportunity for hands-on learning that supplements normal vet school curriculum.