Get Involved

Want to become involved? Want the opportunity to provide input on the positions and direction of the profession? Join your local VMA, become a CVMA Board member or a delegate/alternate delegate on the CVMA House of Delegates, serve on a committee, or become a member of the California Veterinary Medical Response Corps (CAVMRC).

Become A CVMA Board Member

The CVMA Board of Governors is made up of 16 governors consisting of 11 geographic representatives and 5 at-large members. The following terms on the CVMA Board of Governors expire on June 30, 2022.


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CVMA Committee, Board of Governors, and House of Delegates Service Information

This document is intended to assist interested CVMA members in understanding the process through which they may serve on the CVMA Board of Governors, House of Delegates, and the CVMA’s various committees.


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Committees and Task Forces

The CVMA has committees that address statewide veterinary issues and build leadership skills.

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Disaster Response

Disaster preparedness is something we tend to put off thinking about, until there’s a disaster! 


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Local VMAs

Local VMAs differ in size, age and composition, but their objectives are similar.


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