This section contains the CVMA’s policies regarding many issues that are relevant today in veterinary medicine. Click below for more information.

CVMA Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics

The CVMA’s PVME should be reviewed every five (5) years to ensure that they remain relevant and current.


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CVMA Policy on Ethical Drug Sales

Should veterinarians sell ethical drugs — like Advantage, Frontline, and Program — to retail companies that resell these products, when this practice is contrary to the drug manufacturer’s sales policy?


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CVMA Policies on Wildlife

CVMA Policies on Animals - General

CVMA Policies on Canines

CVMA Definition of Consultation

The California Veterinary Medical Association's Eight Principles of Animal Care, Use, and Welfare

As veterinarians, we strive to improve animal health and welfare, and endorse the following eight integrated principles founded on our education, experience, commitment to and compassion for animals:


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CVMA Policies on Elephants

It’s been suggested that elephants have large and highly developed central nervous systems with a great capacity for social cognition and awareness.* Elephants have unique characteristics that must be addressed when they are kept in captivity. 


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CVMA Policies on Felines

CVMA Policy Statement on the Hayden Law

The CVMA supports necessary and prompt veterinary care for all animals including animals in a shelter environment.  


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CVMA Policy on Licensure

All veterinarians practicing clinical veterinary medicine in California must be licensed by the California Veterinary Medical Board.

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CVMA Policies on Livestock

CVMA Policy on Veterinary Telehealth

The CVMA supports Veterinary Telehealth* as a beneficial modality when used for the best interest of the patient and client. 


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